Average annual production in Embamunaygas JSC is more than 2.8 million tons.

Most of the company's fields are at a late stage of development, and the share of hard-to-extract reserves at the fields is steadily increases. The stabilization of the oil production level over the last years has been achieved through the use of a set of measures: drilling new wells, wells repair and overhaul, systemic work with the well stock, increasing the operating ratio, increasing the overhaul period, introducing advanced technologies and improvement of the field development system.

To increase the oil recovery factor, Embamunaygas JSC for today, along with traditional methods of increasing oil recovery, applies new technologies with the involvement of leading Kazakhstan scientific research institutes. The up to date technologies are actively introduced to increase the overhaul period (OHP) of the wells.

In 2018, the oil recovery ratio for the 33 fields being developed by Embamunaigas JSC increased by 0.34% compared to 2017.